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sgwc 2007-05-31 19:07

It seems like i always ask people to reseed stuff. Sigh~

Can any of you please seed this anime? Please do seed it for at least 1 day. I'm stuck at 51.1%. Thank you.

NightWish 2007-06-01 06:18

Right now there are about 50 connections (29/21) to the torrent. Looking at the other torrents, I would say this has probably been the case for a while. Given you've had issues before when there have been many connections, I think you might have a problem unrelated to the number of seeds on the torrent. Which basically means reseeding requests won't help you: lots of people are seeding already. If your download is currently slow or stuck I suggest you read a few of the posts in the Downloading Help section and check your Bit Torrent / network settings.

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