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Alvian 2007-06-15 13:35

Never mind > Urchins - Rose of Versailles 22 (99.9% completed, 1 bad block)
By chance I stumbled upon BoxTorrents and it has the complete "Urchins - Rose of Versailles" series with one seeder and 1.8 availability. BoxTorrent's rule prohibits me from posting its links so you'll have to sign up there yourself.

I will continue to seed my completed Ep 22 until there is at least an additional seeder.

------------- Old info -------------

Some kind person please seed this file. I am stuck at 99.9% with 1 bad block (256kB) and have been waiting for over a week for the auto-seeder to wake up (no luck). I am "seeding" up to 7 people on a 56k dial-up connection. Uploaded 51% over 200 hours. :(

Torrent links:
(For unknown reasons the second link wants to save the ".avi.torrent" as ".avi" and opens it in WMP. I manually have to Right-click, Save-link-as, add the ".torrent" suffix in the dialogue box and then open it in the BT client". Did I do something wrong? I am a BT-newbie using IE6 & uTorrent.)

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