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Luxotr 2003-11-08 00:27

SSeiya Hades Saga 01,02,03 request
While trying to download Saint Seiya Hades Ovas, I searched for them in Anime Suki, discovering, that there were no 01, 02 nor 03 torrent files... May I ask, why?

I entered Anime Heaven, one of the fansub groups that have subbed it, and I found out that they've already subbed the entire series... But in Animesuki, even though you can download torrents from episode 4 up to episode 13, there are no other torrents for the previous Ovas...

So, I'm trying to get those torrents, because Emule sucks in too many aspects =)

If anybody is willing to attach those torrents of if they're uploaded in a different site, mirror, whatever, please, let me know....

If there's a very good person who would like to send me those files, my icq number is: 59426134, email: see my details =P


[btw, last week, I signed up to animesuki forum, I got the mail, I activated my account, but somehow, I logged in, but I couldn't post anything... I erased my cookies, but still, nothing happened... I even tried sending a PM to one of the admins, but today, I've found out, that my user has been probably deleted, or something (my email wasn't "valid", and there's no possible reason for that)]

Loki_Sama 2003-11-09 17:11

Hey bro i got them.!!! but i will trade u them for EP 11 ;)
look for me in the MSN messenger...........

Luxotr 2003-11-09 18:41

I was looking for the torrent files, not the entire episode =P

I'm going to sign up at Msn, and if you are a wonderful person [i'm sure you are =P] you could send me those torrents...

Besides, I only have fully downloaded 04, 06, 07, 08, 09 and 13
The rest are still on hold because it seems that there are no seeds at all...

Episode 12 is at 87%, Ep 11 at 18%, Episode 10 is at 61% and ep 05 is at 98%...

[Eps 05 and 12 have like that for over 2 weeks]

Loki_Sama 2003-11-10 06:43 EP 11 is like at 10%!!! :(

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