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bob the gerbil 2003-11-08 20:05

I'm thick as poo, please help me!
I've been downloading stuff using Bit Torrent now for a while and sometimes the files are "zipped" and "rarred". Occasionally i get some files that end with "xxxxx.001", "xxxxx.002" etc etc or sometimes "xxxxx.r01", "xxxxx.r02".
The big question is How do i unzip them? I have tried everything i can think of, Winrar, Winace, Winzip none work.

If someone can please help or point me in the right direction to solving this and letting me get at the files i would be a very happy gerbil and they would also be on my X-mas card list!

Many thanks and kind regards to all

Bob the Gerbil

lamer 2003-11-08 20:44

r01, r02 and so on are dos-based rar files. The first file should look like *.rar

I have sometimes managed to unrar the 001 files also. Be sure that you have all files. If you don't, the error message tells the missing file.

bob the gerbil 2003-11-09 14:45

Thanks for help Lamer, i have had those types before but now alot don't have the first "rar" file. I will keep trying and crying lol.

If anyone else can help i would really appriciate it.


Bob the Gerbil

[^_^x] 2003-11-10 07:46

try renaming the files to rar or zip and then extracting if that doesnt work google for it.

bob the gerbil 2003-11-10 20:21

I have tryed that but then it asked me for the file i just re-name.

Thank you for your help anyway [^_^x].

I will keep trying and crying lol.


Bob the Gerbil

dark_breaka 2003-11-11 02:35

I would also like to add in that you do not really need to rename the file becuase usually files that have xxxxx.001 and so on are part of a collection of a certain .rar file it needs the rest of the files to be able to extract what ever it is you are trying to d/l

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