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LittleBuddy 2007-10-04 14:23

Monster... Mature... Reasons?
I wanted to watch Monster but I heard that it was mature and I am only 13 years old so I wanted to know why is it Mature? Is there extreme violence, is there a lot of bad language, is there sex, surgeon? I don't know... So I wanted to know this because if I think I will get tromatized I won't watch it... Thank you!

SeijiSensei 2007-10-05 09:34

My daughter's almost sixteen and has been enjoying this show recently.

It's mature in the themes that are portrayed, not the portrayals themselves. There's very little sexuality except by reference (a couple of scenes take place in a "red light" district, for instance), and very little of the violence is extreme. Most episodes have no violence at all. People do get shot, beat up, etc., from time to time, but it's not vivid or gory. It's much more of a psychological "mystery/thriller" than a "horror" show.

At your age you might find the underlying issues more difficult, though. A good portion of the story concerns the abuse of children, mostly psychological abuse but some (off-screen) physical abuse as well. Monster also contains many historical references to the former communist regimes in Eastern Europe, particularly East Germany and what was then called Czechoslovakia. Being as old as I am, and being a student of politics, the Cold War was an integral part of my life for about forty years. It has progressively less relevance to folks in your generation, but I don't think that's a reason for not watching the show. I've enjoyed many historical animes that take place in the Heian and Edo periods in Japan, or in fantasy classical Asian societies, and I wasn't alive then, or at least not in the form I have today.

OT: I was going to post this suggestion in your other thread on horror shows. You may think it's too "kiddy" or "girly," but you might want to try Tweeny Witches. Sadly it just got licensed, though.

LittleBuddy 2007-10-05 14:18

Well thanks a lot of this reply. Ill check the show soon (I can't download because of the limit I got). I really like psychological show. I find it interesting so ill check it out.

For Tweeny Witches, I prefer when the duration is 23-26 minutes but I just think 9 minutes is kinda too litle.

Anyway thanks a lot!

mrsticky005 2008-03-06 10:04

Monster is rated ages 16 and up and for good reason.
First of all the story itself is downright disturbing and might even scare little children (I mean like 6 year olds). Also since the line between good and evil is blurred the manga sends mixed messages to those who aren't able to figure it out.
The language in Monster is slightly "worse" than most other Viz media manga but not nearly as bad as a Rated R movie.
There are some very rare scenes of nudity but these can almost be skipped as they aren't THAT important to the story. Most of the sexuality is however implied.
Monster is mostly rated "16 and up" for the violence. Anyone who says Monster isn't violent needs to reread Monster. Though the actual act is not shown, having a little girl shoot her brother in the head isn't something you neccesarily want children to watch (note: though you don't see the actual shooting in progress. You DO see the aftermath in which the little boy lies in a puddle of blood). Also there are some scenes in which the shooting is actual shown; one of them being when Mr.Junkers is shot point blank by Johan. I don't actual see anything wrong with a 13 year old reading/watching Monster as long as they are mature enough to be able to handle it.
Otherwise Monster should only be read by the recommened age.

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