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SeijiSensei 2007-10-17 08:42

[Conclave] Bartender - episode 2
I want to download Conclave's version of this episode because Lunar's is in the 704x396 format, one of the two Lunar episodes not in the full 1280x720 format. Since it's one of my favorite episodes, I'd like to have it in the full 720p format. There are currently zero seeds and three peers. All the peers like me are stuck at 24%.

I noticed on Conclave's AS page that a number of their series have zero seeds. Is it a common practice for sub groups not to maintain at least one seed for all their releases? This isn't a knock on Conclave per se, but more of a information-seeking question. I'd have thought all active sub groups would maintain at least one machine somewhere on the Net with a complete set of releases, including even projects that were discontinued, for seeding purposes.

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