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exedore 2007-10-31 19:28

[To-Y RC] Urban Square OVA
The To-Y Restoration Committee Presents:

Title: Urban Square ~In Pursuit of Amber~
Type: OVA
Episode #: 1 (of 1)
Source: Remastered from Laserdisc
Format: AVI (XviD + MP3)

More remastered goodness from the To-Y RC!

Distributed by #anime-classic (

Area88 2007-11-02 04:56

Just to let you know, the current animesuki listing describes it as 'Urban Square 1' when really it should be 'Urban Square OVA'.

xris 2007-11-02 06:11

In practice we do not add the term OVA to the title of the series unless there is (typically) an existing TV series as well.

If you search our database for OVA you will see all those listed also have (or had) TV series or more than one OVA series produced.

What I've now done is change the episode number from "1" to "OVA", which is more consistent with our previous entries.

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