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StarCreator 2007-11-12 08:36

[HnK] CLAMP in Wonderland 2
I'm still confused as to the status of this and the other CLAMP animations being added - discussion prior to 2005 disallowed them from being listed, but currently Wish and Clover are both listed despite this ruling. In any case...

Also, we still have our original sub, released back on September 12, 2003, of the first CLAMP in Wonderland up:

(The LQ versions may be removed in the near future - their uses have long expired and we don't have the resources to seed both.)

NoSanninWa 2007-11-12 17:34

The status is that we do not list videos which are merely karaoke'd music videos. Unless there is translated dialogue or words on screen we feel that the translation of the song is not necessary to enjoy the music.

I downloaded and watched the CLAMP in Wonderland 2. Thank you for your work. While it was a wonderfully amusing and entertaining video it was entirely music videos.

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