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tomcurda 2008-07-08 09:14

ToloverU ep 12 XVid
To Whom it may Concern:

I recently downloaded the XVid version of ToloverU ep 12. It did not play on a program that normally plays XVid files. Episodes 11 and 13 DO play. When I tried to d/l ep 12 again, I got a "Cannot connect with this screen" page. When I tried to contact Chihiro, I got another cannot connect screen. I have no other issues downloading other files. I use Bittorrent ver 6.0.3 and I have Windows Vista on my computer.

If I have done something that is not quite per form, it was not done intentionally. Please do not write me a nasty letter. I can't find any other way to bring this to someone's attention.

Eviltape 2008-07-08 16:28

What program are you playing the video with? "Cannot connect with this screen" isn't a common error.

(also, the correct place to put this would be the Playback Forum. It'll probably get moved)

EDIT: Replied to your PM. For everyone reading, he gets that error when he attempts to download the .torrent. I suspect it's a redirect problem with the browser, or maybe a temporary problem with the server. It seems fine server-side though.

leo786 2008-08-19 19:10

i'll tell u m8, its vista.

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