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GHDpro 2004-02-12 12:28

Guidelines and Rules for Games forum
This forum is for discussing Japanese games based on anime or which have an anime-like look and feel. This includes bishoujo and "ero" (hentai) games, as long as no explicit screenshots or other objectional material is posted or discussed in detail.

Despite the paragraph above, discussions about games which are not directly related to anime (such as Final Fantasy or Command and Conquer) are allowed. Just remember that there may be better forums for discussing those kind of games than the AnimeSuki forum.

Links to downloads are strictly forbidden. The only types of download links allowed are translated games, either as full translated game or as patch. Links to licensed (commercially available in English) or untranslated ("raw") games are not allowed and may result in immediate permanent ban.

The moderator team also reserves the right to close any thread which seems to be related to getting the banned games mentioned above to work or otherwise revolves around pirated games.

To reiterate:
Posting links to or ask how to get warez, licensed or untranslated games is NOT allowed!*
Doing so may result in immediate permanent ban without warning!

*) Well asking where to get them illegally is not allowed. Feel free to ask how to buy them legally of course.

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