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Mr Hat and Clogs 2009-01-22 06:11

Bleach: Heat the Soul 5.
I recent got this little game and I've been having a lot of fun with it, however finding some decent information about what does what can be a little tricky.

The main thing, Tag mode. With Tag mode I understand that to get the gem to light up so you can use the limit removal you have to do abilities that relate to your partners type. For example with Rukia and Byakuya, Rukia is an offensive type and Byakuya is defenisve (might not actually be that, just an example). If I am using Rukia I need to use defensive abilities to be able to do the team limit removal, and vice versa with Byakuya using offensive abilities (which with this pair lets you do a nifty team skill). Do I have correct? OK if so, what then consist of defensive skills? Dodging? Counter attacks? or certain combos? Really i think I'm just looking for someone to give a dumbed down explanation of tag. :heh:

Anyone else have the game mind sharing some of their thoughts and experiences or tips for it? :o

Shadow Kira01 2009-01-22 17:59

I haven't played it in awhile, so I would have to try the game again to see if you got it right. Tag Mode is the best mode in the game though. I usually pick Hitsugaya for his high offense attacks. However, his defense is somewhat low.

From what I remembered, press the R button to do a special attack, while the L button enables supportive attacks, as well as member swap depending on the length of the button press. I am too sure though.

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