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Loser 2004-02-23 19:27

Asking for seeding of an anime (Nanaka 6/17)
Excellent anime and there are some people who wants it and have been stuck for a while. Please help thx.

and I dunno if im on the wrong forum, if i am please tell me and change the post to a different forum, thx.

EDIT: oh yea the episodes are 10 through 12

pr0ject_2501 2004-02-24 03:01

I can and will reseed eps 10 and 12 by Anime-Conan, but I still need eps 11 myself.

yann 2004-02-24 04:00

sorry wrong post I ve just reedited it to delet it.

Izzy 2004-02-24 13:51

seeders for eps 10 is apreciated :)


seeders for eps 12 is also needed >_>;;;

people please share....don't bail :frustrated:

Loser 2004-02-24 16:00

thx for seeding 10,11,12 but the only seeder for 10 apparently left, probably after someone dled it complete from them, but the other peson left too

LittleBoyBaka 2004-02-24 18:59

Hi! Could someone reseed the Anime conan 1-3 batch, please? Thanks very much!

PixyMisa 2004-02-27 12:00

Your Friendly Nanaka Seed Centre
Seeding all the AnimeConan eps now. Seedly seedle.

(I had them seeded for a whole month - chewed up 100+GB of bandwidth. :eek: I've throttled it back a bit this time. :o )

PixyMisa 2004-02-27 22:20

Hmm. Tracker no workies. :(

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