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Mr Bland 2009-06-05 21:55

Vuze/Azureus help: Everything's dead
Well I had seeds for all of these last time I downloaded, and all the sudden I get total death :upset:!

Anybody know what's wrong? I doubt K-On! ep 10 would have no seeders...

Justin Kim 2009-06-07 15:08


Originally Posted by Mr Bland (Post 2437557)
Well I had seeds for all of these last time I downloaded, and all the sudden I get total death :upset:!

Anybody know what's wrong? I doubt K-On! ep 10 would have no seeders...

Delete torrent+data, and then re-DL it again, in addition, try to Force download and prioritize the download. I think your router kind of crashed out on you. Some routers can't handle torrent downloads up to that capacity, and there have been stories where IP providers completely shut down your internet for weeks due to "downloading torrents." Take your torrents 2-3 at a time, they really do leech off your internet speed when left alone. T_T.

JackRydden224 2010-01-18 22:47

Guess I'll put it here since I'm also having trouble with Vuze.

When ever I use Vuze now my internet goes into the poop hole. I can't connect to PSN. I can't use my browsers and my download speed is terrible, 10k/b sec on 8 torrents combined. I've had cox's power boost for years and I've never had this problem before. I used to download with Vuze, play on xbox live and still browse. Is there something wrong with my router or is Cox not giving me enough of something?


I am running vuze on my laptop and it works just fine. The D/L speed is top notch and my browers are still working. I guess there is something wrong with my desk top?


namaiki 2010-01-19 22:05

Make sure you haven't set your upload speed too high.

Have nothing running and go to and find out your upload speed. Make sure not to mix up Kb/s and KB/s (kilobytes and kilobits).

In Vuze, set upload for ~50-80% of what reports. Also make sure that your NAT port is set correctly(Tools-> NAT).

Fishfood1 2010-05-10 11:22

slow speed
i'm just gonna ask in this thread to not start a new one since it's vuze related.

okay my torrents lately seems to be downloading at mere 5-8kb/sec for hours before jumping to up to 60kb/sec. this applies to virtually any torrent file i download using vuze. i used to be able to dl stuff at least 200+kb/sec for newer torrent files, but they're all just stuck at 60kb/s for hours, drop to 5kb/s for another few hours, then go back up to 60kb/s again in a cycle(if the file is large enough to run in cycles).

i called my ISP, and asked if there's any restriction on my internet at the moment. they told me it's running at 100% and there's no restriction. regular internet surfing, and DDL seems to be normal, but just my torrents seems to be much slower than usual.

so is there something just wrong with my internet or vuze setting???

ash0ka 2010-05-10 12:03

You could try going into your preferences>bandwidth and see if your download speed is still at 0 (unlimited) or if somehow it has been capped at 60kb.

Also, do you have anyone else on your internet connection? Someone who might be downloading things as well? I've had problems with roommates not understanding a torrent client and not capping their upload speed. It resulted in our bandwidth being lagged way down and the others who were downloading started getting horrible download speeds.

I've had a ton of problems with azureus/vuze and download speed. So much so that I've switched over to uTorrent and haven't been having any trouble since. It's much easier on my resources and most of the newer torrents download at 200kb+. So if you can't fix your problem, I'd recommend trying another torrent client and seeing if the problem was vuze or something else.

Fishfood1 2010-05-10 13:45

yeah i'm using utorrent now and the speed is much closer to what i like/expected. thanks

time to uninstall vuze.

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