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Zergrinch 2009-06-12 11:22

[CMBT] Chuuka Ichiban / Cooking Master Boy Episode 18 (with bonus OP1 creditless)
[CMBT] Chuuka Ichiban / Cooking Master Boy Episode 18

Episode 18 - Scary Red Congee. Secret of the Haunted Mansion

This is Episode 18 of Cooking Master Boy (aka Chuuka Ichiban). It contains Japanese and Mandarin Chinese audio, and English and Chinese soft-subtitles. It also includes Cantonese audio from the Anime-Keep release.

The Translation is based on the AXN-Asia version, with revisions to increase comprehension. The file was re-encoded from Xvid Raws found on the internet. Audio from the raws were untouched. We edited and re-encoded the Cantonese audio for timing purposes.

We are always looking for volunteers who can help time and transcribe more episodes. If you have a good ear (and some time), do register in our forums at No prior experience required!

As you will see from the quality of the creditless opening, the DVD rip is far superior to the ones we are currently using. This is part of a set of raws found on the eDonkey network, which we have difficulty in downloading in its entirety. Any assistance in acquiring these raws, which can be queued from the Chinese site, is greatly appreciated!

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