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animejunkie669 2004-03-01 11:08

RESEED REQUEST:[Triad-AonE]_Narutaru_11_[B8791389].avi
[Triad-AonE]_Narutaru_11_[B8791389].avi stuck at 98.71% + 21 other people.

i only have a 56K modem.

animejunkie669 2004-03-03 07:33

anyone help !!!!.
it has been stuck for 6 weeks.

Ark 2004-03-03 15:29

I cant find a link to the single episode torrents - can you put it here?
The scarywater sites for both Aone and Triad now only link the whole series in a batch torrent. You could use this if you have 1-10 from these groups but it would start to download 12 and 13 as well.

animejunkie669 2004-03-05 00:18

i got it from here but now it is gone.

now only this file there.

animejunkie669 2004-03-15 04:31

now 8 weeks and still dont have it can someone help please.

Ark 2004-03-15 08:40

I dont think we can - looks like the torrent has been removed and only the entire series one is up. If there is no link we cant share the file anymore. If you have the whole series by the same fansubber then use Flash Squirrels bittorrent guide on how to download. You can use the series torrent to finsih downloading the ep11 but it will start to dl 12 and 13 as well. Not great for a 56K modem but it might be the only solution. Some Bittorrent clients might be able to select which files you want to dl from the batch as well but I dont know which one, so you might be able to just finish ep11 with the batch torrent.
Sorry I cant help more.

GHDpro 2004-03-15 08:58

As Ark indicated -- just use the batch torrent as no-one will be able to help you with the individual episode.

Use one of the guides on the forum to make BitTorrent only download
the file you are missing rather than the whole batch again.

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