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isamu_dyson2 2010-05-08 09:26

combustible campuss guardress ep 2

Im not sure, from the rules what "group" means...but here is the rest

I've got 3 out of four eps. I need to finish ep 2 of the toy-rc release of combustible campus guardress. please. any help would be appreciated. i lost all four eps to a hard drive crash. this is the only ep I need.

I have 34% of the episode

isamu_dyson2 2010-05-10 15:23

UH...thank you thank you thank you.
I have to admit, with the traffic and all the threads on this site, i really expected my request to be lost. But someone seeded the ep for me and now i have all four eps again. Thank you soooo much.
I really look forward to becomeing an active member of this forum

Thanks again

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