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Hayamaneko 2003-11-14 17:09

[ANBU-AonE] Naruto - 40
...I need ep 40 now :heh: can someone be so kind as to reseed it?

Hayamaneko 2003-11-18 18:34

er, i need ep 44 now ^^;;. can someone reseed?

careless 2004-05-28 01:34

[ANBU-AonE]_Naruto_40 Reseed
Im re-seeding the [ANBU-AonE] version until some more people finish and can seed it as well. I'll try to seed some of the other naruto episodes as well but please be patient 'cause Ive only got 128k with max upload speed of 14k (sorry, but at 70 bucks a month in my country I'm sure as hell not gonna get anything more expensive).

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