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Lof 2004-03-16 02:07

Bt resharing question
Hey i was looking in the resharing request but i have a problem.
Well maybe its basic stuff who knows. Well i just want to know when i look at the request i see for exemple:
Platinumhugen Ordian 1-24 Anime-Keep 4192.9 Mb. 0 57
so i downloaded the torrent to share my complete one. Then i open it usual stuff and select the destination folder wich is complete. The problem is that my bt client dosent reconize my files and start it has a new download... so im asking whats the problem? did the fact that i renamed all the files have somethung to do? am i missing a file? (sfv) or am i just stupid? :confused:
hope to get an anwser

Superchop 2004-03-16 09:20

If you renamed all your files then bt isn't gonna recognize the file name cause they don't match with the names in the batch...the best way to get the name is to start bt, wait till it allocates itself then just go down the line renaming the finished files the same exact name as the nonfinished ones...then after the renaming is done just run bt again and let it check the files...if the files are exactly the same (file size, crc, name etc) then it'll count as the file being for the sfv's pretty small so if you don't have it i'm sure one of the peers has it you can just get it from them

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