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mountain 2004-03-17 13:41

can someone please reshare airmaster for me, i have downloaded to epi. 15 but i believe 16 does not have any seed so it didnt go anywhere from 16 and so on. i would appreciated if you guys reseed it thanks.

Superchop 2004-03-17 13:46

Can you tell everyone which group it's from? Cause you dont want people to seed an ep from a different group that your not d/ling from...

mountain 2004-03-17 14:25 i think if that's what you implied.

Superchop 2004-03-17 14:47

No, not that...

I checked the series list and i saw only 2 torrents for Airmaster 16



it has to be one of those 2...and at the time i checked only Animejunkies had 0 seeds...and even then there were no peers...(so there would be no point in seeding something that noone is d/ling right?

So i'll take it as if your getting the Aone/HQA/N! version...which did have 1 seed....and even if your not getting this version..i suggest you do since it's more likely you'll get it faster

mountain 2004-03-17 14:54

oh, its [AonE&HQA&N!].avi from 16-20

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