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List of OCs and Chapters

Here's my OC list:
  • Keith (Currently dormant)
Characters presently in BreakerS:

BreakerS timeline (Thanks to Nightengale for assembling the canon version)

The 28 Questions

And links to each Chapter:Chapter 3: A day off and date with MarenChapter 11: Not so Formal VisitChapter 12: PonderingSpecial Chapter 12a: What if - Rein got married to Koji

Chapter 13: Organized AssaultChapter 13a: The Sleeping Number

Chapter 14: The Oath between Fire and WindChapter 14a: Helpless

Chapter 14b: TogetherChapter 14c: Dream

Chapter 15: Revelations

Chapter 16: RF6 Sortie!
Chapter 17: Courage
Chapter 18: Resolve
Chapter 19: Calm Days
Chapter 20: Knight's Ordeal
Chapter 21: Koji's Knighting
Chapter 22: Visiting Day
Chapter 23: Codename: Heart Waver
Chapter 23a: A day in the Riot Force 6 HQ (Coming Soon)

BreakerS Epilogue (Outdated)
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Non-Event Support List: Vlad (Formalcraft), Nero, Kid Gil (NP5), Hector (NP5), Drake, Helena (NP2), Shiki (NP5), Kiyohime (NP5)

Wishlist: Nero, Tamamo, Scathach, Atalanta, Medea Lily, Stheno, Elizabeth, Jack, Mordred, Nobunaga, Okita, Lancelot, Medb

My Lazy Pixiv Page

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