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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
But there is one area that Sakura definetly will not surpass because it barely grew .
You mean her dress size? Ask any girl in there 20's... most of them envy those select few who can fit into a size 4.

I'm tempted to watch this episode just because she is crying for Naruto. Then again.... I don't want to remind myself how bad this show has turned into.. a show that I used to enjoy. Reading the impression made by you each week on an episode makes me sad enough.

Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto View Post
OMG Where's the pool!

spelling intentional

*in Japanese*

nai nai nai nai

Don't panic. Take a deep breath. Nothing about the discussion about an episode has changed. The poll for this series has been deemed pointless in the present, and as such, it has been taken down.
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