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Experimental Client BT Guide

Q: Why the Experimental Client?
A: I have tried some clients by now, and the Experimental BitTorrent 3.2.1 Client is the most stable and the most detailed, with a lot of handy options.
If you think other clients works better than the Experimental client, go on and use them, you might find your answers here too.
If you don't know where to download the Exp. Client, try looking here

Ok, after this, let's start.

Preliminary Step

This is where it all begins, a .TORRENT file.
The first thing you might want to check is the file size, in this case is only 14k, this means that you haven't downloaded the file yet, you need to double-click this file and run BitTorrent , this starts the real download of the file.
After you've double-clicked it, a new window will pop-up

Step 1

(Im taking Narutaru as an Example, this works with EVERY torrent file)
(Sorry for the Italian XP, this is all I have right now)

This is our 1st Step, and as you can see, there is nothing new, apart from a directory picking.

Note 1: If you want to change the name of the file, you have to keep in mind that the new name you are going to put on the file is extensionless.
This mean that if you want to save the file as [Triad-AonE]_Narutaru_01_[4F4ABBFF] the file will be with the right extension (.AVI) but if you want to save it with another name you have also to put the extension at the end of the file.
Your new file will be, for example, NaruTaru 01.avi and not only NaruTaru 01, this kind of file, as you can see, is without any extension.
Lets make it to the 2nd Step then.

2nd Step

This is the 2nd Step, where BitTorrent is generating the ghost image for the file, this mean that in this step, BitTorrent is generating the whole file, where he will download all the little pieces of the file.
It's something like a big box, for now you have only the box, as big as the file you want to download, but empty! BitTorrent will still have to fill it, don't let this step fool you.
This step is usually very fast, a 180Mb file is allocated in 10-15 seconds, larger files (DVD-Rs, Films, etc...) may take a little longer to allocate.

Note 1: Look here for the step, as you can see it's Allocating, and not Downloading.

Stand-Alone Note: I don't know why but if you try to interrupt the allocation you won't be able to cancel the file afterwards, I think it might be caused by XP when it tries to load the preview of the file, so if by accident you stop your download here, just resume it again, let the allocation end its work, and then remove it.
Edit on the Stand-Alone Note: Actually after months of research, I've noticed that if you crop the allocation, the file will be allocated no matter what. That's why you may have problems with the removal of the file. Just wait untill the allocation is finished, or again, reopen the BT client and redo the allocation.

Additional 2nd Step

If you are trying to resume your download, this is the window you will face after the 1st step.
BitTorrent is checking all the file in order to evaluate the size of the file downloaded, and start where you left off the last time.
This step takes a little more time to complete, but don't worry, its usually 40-50 seconds, after this your real download will start

Note 1: And again, you can check if BitTorrent is doing the Checking of the Existing file here

The Big Step, The 3th Step

Ahh.. the actual download.. so let's take a peek at the notes.

Note 1: Here we have the Upload Rate, where you can set how much of your line you want to use for uploads.
Zero is infinite, that means that the other people will use up all your upload rate.
While this is ok for normal Symmetrical connections, this may be bad for Asymmetrical connections (look at the end of this guide for a detailed explanation of the word Asymmetrical).
For asymmetrical connections I suggest to make it 1/3 of the actual Max Upload of your line, you will download faster, yet the others will still get something from you.

Note 2: This is the Max UPLOADS (and not upload), basically how many users will download from you.
Set it thinking about the Note 1, try to set them according to your connection.

Note 3: This option opens a new window where you can follow the flow of the downloads, uploads, % of file downloaded, seeds, peers, etc... a very detailed, yet a bit useless option.

Note 4: How many Seeds/Peers are connected in that moment.
Seeds = People with a 100% completed File
Peers = Users with less-than-100% comp. File.
If the seeds are 0 (zero) you might have some problems with the downloading of the file. It means that no one actually has the whole file, so you won't be able to finish it. For this problem I suggest that you go and look at Resharing Requests here in the AnimeSuki forums.

Note 5: The % of the file that you have downloaded, pretty neat huh?

Note 6: Share Rating... I dont know the use of this option, Its just a simple Fraction, Downloaded/Uploaded.

Stand-Alone Note: Look at the next pic to see one of the other options of the Exp. Client...

Here you can pick the best setting for the connection you are using, a very useful option if used in combination with the Note 1 and Note 2.

As you can see, when the Note 5 is completeted you will get to the.

4th Step

Yay! You did it! If the bar Note 1 is Blue, you have the full file... click on the Note 2, grab a beer (cola if you are not old enough) and watch the anime you have downloaded...

Good luck with Bit Torrent!!

Asymmetrical connections: If you are equipped with a standard 56k modem, cable modem, or ADSL, you are on an asymmetric connection. What it means is that you can download far more data than you can upload. Now it gets a bit technical, so bear with me. For each package of data that you download, a small amount of data will be sent back to the sender to tell him that you got his package. If you upload too much, this confirmation will be delayed, and the sender will pause and wait for you to either acknowledge that you got the package he sent or request it again. What this means to you is that you will have to leave "space" in your upload stream to acknowledge the data you recieve on the download stream.
...So as I pray, unlimited blades work.
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