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Bit Torrent 3.3 FAQs

Its out!! A new version of 3.3 was released a few days ago, with a pack of new features.
You can download the new client here.

New features involving the 3.3 Client:
  • Files now only get allocated as they're downloaded and don't fragment the hard drive
  • Large torrents no longer hose the CPU
  • Better network utilization and more consistent download rates
  • Poorly seeded torrents get out faster
  • Several important bug fixes

Lets check those new add-ons:
  • The new file allocation system basically removed the allocation part, where BT generates a ghost image (as big as the file) of the file.
    Now if you have downloaded 30Mb the file will be 30Mb, and not the max file size, like the BT client 3.2.1. Good point here, It doesnt fragment the HD as much as it used to, and you can check the file progress by looking at the size. (No more mistakes here, if you dont have the full file, you dont have the full size)
  • Less CPU usage, basically you can load more torrents and work on the same time, while with the old BT 3.2.1 you had to leave the PC if a lot of files were working.
  • BT 3.3 uses a more sophisticated gestion of the speeds to improve the DLs and ULs, nothing much to say here, but I think someone already noticed the difference. Points at BoneyJellyFish's case
  • Pretty much what BC said.
  • Bad thing, no one released the Bug list for those important bugs.
    The feeling is that the dreaded Win restart bug is finally a bad nightmare rather than a scary truth.
    No info avaiable on those Bugs yet.

Errors Spotted so far:

1 Error = "checking existing file" error: Basically every torrent gets stuck on the "CEF" for ages, and nothing moves. The solution seems to be a complete delete/reinstall of the BT client. (MANY times, 3 or 4 times, dont ask me why tho).
2 Error = Apparently the freeze CPU-goes-to-100% problem is still there, so it wasnt fixed in this new client... Too bad.
3 Error = The new BT client is not a nagware! (Or rather, it is, but there is a way to bypass it.)
At the start of every torrent a window asking for a donation will pop-up, dont worry! If you hit ok, the window will be gone (forever).
...So as I pray, unlimited blades work.
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