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In-Depth Advanced Option Guide

(click on Advanced)

(sorry for the poor quality)

This is basically where you check if there is something wrong with your speed.
If you are getting odd speeds or slow downloads, even with a lot of seeds, you can check here what is wrong.

UP = this is actually how many K/s are used by the BT client (uploading to the others)
Down = this is how many K/s you are downloading in that moment.
Downloaded = how many Megabytes you have downloaded so far and from who.
Uploaded = how many Megabytes you have uploaded to others.
Completed = the % of the file of the connected users, Seeds own a full file, that is why there are people with 100% file completed.
Peer Download Speed important = here you can check the flow of the downloads.
As you can see, even if there are 7 Seeds and 13 Peers (or Leechers, if you want to call them like this) someone is downloading really fast (267 K/s), thats why the Client is not getting a good speed.
If your download is slow, you can check here if someone is using all the UL bandwidth.
Don't worry, if you see that there is someone who is Downloading really fast, just close the Client, open it again, and let the Tracker connect to other Clients, or just wait a few moments.
As you can see the speed of BT is mainly caused by the others, and is rarely immputable to firewalls or internet problems, you just have to be patient. the problem will be gone soon.
You can always check the sum of all the Peers Speed in the Total Speed.
(for the total speed don't compare those pics, as they are NOT taken in the same moment)
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