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If your answer is not in this guide...
  • First, if you think your problem is not in this guide, use the icon. Its located under the Animesuki main logo, on the right.
    Dont try to input the whole problem, limit it to some keywords, and maybe pick the SubForum "Downloading Help" to limit your search even more.
  • Google is a good help, if you dont know where to start, just "google" your problem and see if some site hold the answers you need.
  • Bram Cohen's main site is a quick guide that shows the funamentals of BT and how it works.
  • If you still can't find the answer, then it's time to post in the Downloading help forum.
    Notice that we are here to help you, and not to piss you off with annoying questions, so give us enough information.
    Posts like "PLEASE HELP ME" won't help us much, so, please, be precise when asking for help.
  • What you should include when asking for help:
    - Your connection Speed
    - Your PC configuration
    - Your Client Version.
    - If you are using a Router or not.
    - The file name/size/group name/site where the file is located
    - If you have it as a link or a torrent on your pc
    - The error description/a screenshot of the error
    - If other files suffer from the same error
    - Any other information you may think suitable for us to know.

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