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Wait, now I am concerned. I think I have just gone to one of those torrent search sites from google results. After I click the search results from google, I was on a torrent search site filled with ads and stuff. I never click on the ads or download from their torrent. What I did was just take a look at the site and, urr,yeah, close the web browser or go somewhere else. Should I be concerned?
Safe surfing rules for Windows users:

1) Don't use Internet Explorer; use Firefox or Opera instead. If you install Firefox, install the AdBlock extension as well.

2) Create a user account for yourself (Control Panel > Users) and remove its administrative privileges. By default pre-Vista users have full administrative privileges, so if you accidentally run a malevolent program it has free rein to modify the system areas on your machine (what a horror!). When you need to install something, log in as the Administrator. Otherwise always use an account with no administrative privileges. (Some badly-written software may not work unless you have administrative rights. For this situation, log in as the Administrator, run the annoying software, then go back to your ordinary user account. Or you can use the "Run As" feature to run the program as Administrator.)

3) Don't connect your computer directly to the Internet without a firewall of some kind. You can either use the firewall in Windows, use a third-party firewall, or install a hardware firewall router between your computer and the Internet. This is a more expensive, but ultimately more effective and versatile approach.

4) Somewhere in the Options setting for the Windows Explorer (the desktop shell, not IE) you can tell Windows to show you the complete file names including the extensions. Turn this on. That way you'll know that naked celeb video file is named "video.exe" not "video.avi". (Sure the icons are different, but not everyone pays attention to that.)

5) Or, just don't use Windows.
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