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Panel 1:

Sheryl: This feels good!
Alto: Why are you in that outfit?
Sheryl: Why not? I am training, don't bug me~
Alto: Training... you say...

Panel 2:

Alto: Didn't I tell you not to push yourself after giving birth?
Sheryl: Well why do you think I am training?
Alto: *Baby crying* Ah, look, the baby is crying
Sheryl: *Hesitating* I really don't know what to do in this situation.
Alto: You should just hold him.

Panel 3:

Alto: *Hands baby over* Here.
Sheryl: *Thought to herself* Warm~
Alto: See, he stopped crying.
Alto: I wonder who he takes after.
Sheryl: Ara? I wonder who he inherited being a crybaby from?

Panel 4:

Sheryl: You are my good child, everything will be ok.
Alto: C'mon, lets go home.

- Tak
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