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Spoiler for Tutorial Page:

List of Works To Date:

Created by LoweGear (Complete OC List)

-Kaylin "Kay" Mathis
-Glock Heckler
-Mai Enna
-Remington Smith
-Colt Wesson
-Rhythm Edge (Device)
-Matsuri Miyama
-Asagi Colwell
-Mayura Labatt
-Julie Liu Ming
-Epsila Synaisthima

The Old List (Thanks Ghaz!)

And The New Stuff:

Yes, Cadians. I'm sort of counting on you guys to, every time you post, to do either of the two actions as stated above. Elsewise, we'll be pretty much back to square one (or whichever square we previously reached)...but hey, at least I'm giving you lot OPTIONS.


- Central Account Admin, L.S.
I am the bone of this thread. Epic is my body, and walltext is my blood. I have created over a thousand bluecheeses. Uncaring of dross. Nor aware of pain. Weathered h4xx to create many characters. Waiting for new arrivals. I was made for this, this is my only path. My whole life is "Unlimited OC Works."

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