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Is the color of the smiley yellow? If yes, you might have a router/firewall issue:

Fear the power of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V!

Here is how to configure the router:

Go to to find out the router's IP. Write that down.
After that we need to find out your real IP: Start Menu-->Run...-->type in cmd and some kinda DOS prompt will open. Then type in ipconfig and write down your IP.

After you've done that, open up another Internet Explorer window and type in the router's IP you wrote down beforehand in the address bar. That is the router configuration window (if you should be prompted to type in a password, try "admin". If that does not work, get someone who knows the password).

Now you got two options: The quick and easy (and not yet perfect) solution or the tedious but more effective solution.
You decide what you want to do:

Option 1:
Enabling UPnP

Look for something similar to "Enable UPnP Support" in the router configuration windows and enable it (Note that not all routers support UPnP but most do). After you've done this you need to tell Azureus to utilize the UPnP support (it's enabled by default but just to make sure): Go to Configuration:Plugins:UPnP and check Enable UPnP. Don't forget to save and that's it.
Advantages: Easy! You have to configure it only once and that's it.
Disadvantages: You need a router and a BT client that supports UPnP for this method to work. Currently Azureus and BitTornado are the only clients that I know of that support it (maybe BitComet too but I never used that client). Also, sometimes the speed is not as fast as it is by forwarding the ports.

Option 2:
Forwarding the ports

I'll reuse the pictures of Doppelganger's guide here since I do not have a router to post screenshots from (your router configuration window should look similar):

Private IP: Type in your IP
Private Port/Local Port: Type in 6881
Protocol Type: TCP

For the alternative:

Private IP: Type in your IP
Private Port/Local Port: Type in 6881
Protocol Type: TCP

IP range start/end: Type in your IP
Port range: Type in 6881

Advantages: Works with every router/client combo. Reliable.
Disadvantages: You need to type in your IP everytime you disconnect. (Assuming you have a dynamic IP)


Does it work now (is the color of the smiley green)? If not, provide more information please.
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You can still find my Azureus Download Guide here

By all means, make sure to read this.
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