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Changelog (don't look at this, it's just something to keep track of the updating)

31/08/2003 = added the big part, with the images of the BT exp client, and the 1/2/add2/3/4 Steps
01/09/2003 = added a list of the common errors and how-to-solve them, quick guide at the end of the page and the refereces to ato's thread for a BT faq
02/09/2003 = added the Advanced in-depth Step, for all of you with odd speeds
02/09/2003 = added the basic guide for newcomers
02/09/2003 = added the last important error and fixed some bugs here and there, still no pic for the error , shame on me
05/09/2003 = added some links here and there, but no error pic, still
05/09/2003 = added the last dreaded error! Yahoo!
08/09/2003 = started a little faq for beginners, look at that before asking for help please.
19/09/2003 = added a little tip for the batches files
28/09/2003 = added the New bt 3.3 faq part.
01/10/2003 = BT alt client list.
11/10/2003 = added the "if your problem.." FAQ
12/10/2003 = added some errors in the error FAQ
04/11/2003 = we are back from the ashes!
11/11/2003 = a new part (outside this thread) created! The "how to get a torrent file" new guide!
16/11/2003 = new "layout" added
23/11/2003 = weekly update
30/11/2003 = Im the new moderator of this subforum, free beer and cake for everyone!
30/11/2003 = I skipped the weekly update.. Sorry, I wont skip it again.
12/01/2004 = Little update. New FAQ coming.
...So as I pray, unlimited blades work.
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