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Welcome my glorious slaves! Oh, yes, you are my slaves by law. Do you remember the Forum Rules you need to read and agree with - which noone does anyway - to register? If you do not or just skipped it, here you go: A legitimate screenshot of the Forum Rules you agreed with. Read it with care this time.


Shocked? Indeed you must be, my precious slaves. Now quick, here is the link for the The best and worst of 2004! thread. You know what to do.

Here is another link for the in-Forum Rules. Make sure to read them for I doubt that you want me to post a screenshot of it for you, do you?

Welcome to the boards and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Leave a positive rep after the beep.

There is a little known provision in the Forum Rules that explicitly allows a moderator to remove any signature image that they believe to be inappropriate for any reason. That did not happen in this case because _Sin_ is so boring that he never even had a signature to remove anyway. So why is this text here? To attract attention of course - isn't that what a signature is for?
You can still find my Azureus Download Guide here

By all means, make sure to read this.
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