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episode 10 raw

I'm still blogging LAP. This episode didn't advance the plot much, but I found it very enjoyable. It gave us a pleasant day with the girls, a glimpse of Saaya's past, and a moving encounter with an old grandma. The girls' characters are becoming very clear.

The music just gets better. From episode 6 on, we have different singers for the OP each week: 1-5 Tomo/Saaya/Miki, 6 Miru, 7 Fuyumi, 8 Tomo, 9 Erika, 10 Saaya, 11 Miki, 12 Yui/Tomo, 13 Tomo/Saaya/Miru/Erika/Fuyumi/Miki (end). I like Fuyumi's best. Posters on 2channel like Tomo's. There's a good flash file around that gives all the ones that have been broadcast so far, for comparison.

Saturday in Tokyo, the LAP had their first Tokyo live event. There was a big crowd of otaku that by all accounts came away very happy. According to posts on 2channel, the atmosphere was warm and informal, and the girls were funny together. Tomo, Erika, Fuyumi and Miki-sempai were there. They entered through the crowd, in costume. Interview sessions, a game of rock-paper-scissors with prizes, handshake sessions and autograph sessions, as well as all of them singing their character songs. The girls talked so well together, creating their own world, that they often had the MC confused.

Hirama Juri (the meganekko Fuyumi) is apparently quite funny, and Shihono Ryou (Tomo) has a wild array of things to talk about, from Osaka okonomiyaki to Yokohama shiu-mai. (You can hear her entertaining garrulousness on her radio program.) One poster said that when Juri and Ryou pulled off each other's gloves for the handshake session, it was "thrillingly moé." And at the end of the interviews, the 14-year-old Ryou-tan was apparently so moved by the response that she was weeping. One poster ended his paean by saying: "I love the Lemon Angel Project. I'll follow them anywhere!"

Here are two photos from the event (l-r) Miki (Maruyama Miki, 18), Tomo (Shihono Ryou, 14), Erika (Chihara Minoru, 25), Fuyumi (Hirama Juri、22):
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