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The official site and Shoboi Calendar say the show starts on BS-i on Thursday, 25 January, exactly two weeks after it started on ordinary TV. That will probably be the 16:9 version. So the widescreen version of ep1 should be broadcast on Thursday of next week, at 12:30 at night.

In her blog, Gotou Yuuko says that she was very happy to get the role of Hiro, that she plays her like a big sister or a mother, and she likes that kind of character. She says that all the seiyuus get along very well, that the studio is a happy place, almost like the Hidamari apartment itself, and she expects that the friendly feeling in the studio probably comes through in the show.

That item is in Gotou-san's old blog, which is just now overlapping with a new blog using software that allows her to put in little videos. She says she has a lot of trouble with digital technology and that most explanations are too hard for her. She says she needs explanations suitable for small children, or maybe gorillas.

Don't take from this that she is stupid. She writes well, draws well, and is one of the seiyuus that actually went to university (for a while).
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