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Old 2004-03-23, 22:25   Link #1
Join Date: Jun 2003
Naruto 49 - ANBU & AonE

I'm not sure if this is the sort of thing people can help with or not, but this episode of Naruto (I'm at 98% in the d/l, of course..) has no seeds and is listed as Inactive. o.O What's that mean? (I would assume that the whole connection was down, but my upload stream is still going) Anyway, if possible could somebody please reseed this one? Thank you!
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Old 2004-03-23, 22:59   Link #2
Join Date: Nov 2003
This file is inactive because there is a batch out: With old files they usually use batches at some point to keep them seeded easier.

Either use some client who can download single files from a batch (azureus for example) or if you have 41-48 (plus 49 partially) already then you can continue those single files. See Q6 in this post.
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Old 2004-03-23, 23:26   Link #3
Join Date: Jun 2003
Ha ha. It took me a little while to figure out what you were saying. For some reason, the phrase 'Batch Out' originally made me think that 'Out' meant there was something missing in a batch and I was very confused because I wasn't trying to download a batch, just a single episode. But I see what you're saying now - that they have de-seeded the link because there is a batch in existence. Unfortunately the trick in question 6 won't help because I d/l'd the Toriyama's World batch for episodes 45-48 and while I could rename them they're not going to be the same file size. Anyway, that advice helps, thank you. I'm going to wait another day and see if it comes back up or someone reseeds the file since it's the only one inactive and I imagine that if they were actually killing all the old links, they would all be inactive (for instance, my download of episode 50 - which is in the same batch as 49 - is still going.. and while many episodes are missing seeds, episode 49 is the only 'Inactive' torrent - also, apparently while I was typing this message my percentage on 49 went up to 99% even though it still says that my d/l speed is 0 KiB/s.. so something must still be working). So if anybody reading this can do it, I would still like someone to reseed this file. If not, then I'll go after that Azureus program you mentioned. Thanks for your help, JAF - that batch trick is good to know for future reference either way.
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