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Old 2008-05-31, 12:42   Link #1
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Torrents gradually slow, but internet reset fixes?

I had a question that I wanted to try to figure out (maybe help me fix something in the process or alter my approach at least). Here's the situation. First: I use uTorrent, I have a 10 megabit per second cable connection to the net, and I allow 500 kbps max download speed and 30 kbps upload. I have to limit my upload more than my connection might permit because 1) I share the connection, and 2) my computer gets REALLY picky when my uploads are too high. My hard disks have some heat issues, and apparently high uploading alongside downloading can cause my computer to crash and burn... you know, blue screen of death stuff. As a result, I also sometimes have to limit how long I seed. If I'm download a lot of files (say, 10) I might have to cut the less popular ones off shortly after finishing. I feel like a bastard for doing it, as I am a BIG supporter of seeding- I think if you take, you should give. I try to make up for it when I can, I hate that my technology limits me on that front.

All that said: I've noticed that sometimes, over time my download speeds go down- sometimes quite dramatically, and sometimes gradually while other times I will notice it within several days. I noticed in particular because I just installed Vista, and I was AMAZED at how fast my download speeds for anime were. We're talking maxing out my download limit for a total of 500 kbps with maybe four files runnning (sometimes something like 130 kbps on one, 200 kpbs on another, etc). Wow! Amazing!

Then, today, I notice that my speeds were REALLY low. And not just to start with- they stayed low, compared to before at least. 13 kbps, 30 kbps. I didn't change anything or any settings- it just sank. And stayed.

Now this has happened in the past, though not so much recently. So, I did what I have done then- I unplug my router and modem, wait a minute, then plug them back in.

Boom. Speeds back up, no apparent problems.

In the past, this would happen over time- maybe a few days would pass, speeds slow, then I reset, and boom, speeds fine. Certain torrents might not go hardly at all, even.

My question is- what most likely causes this? Why does resetting always solve the problem? Restarting my computer does nothing- but resetting the internet connection does. I'd appreciate your insights.


PS- I was asked this question in a PM, and wanted to say that yes, my internet provider has a dynamic IP.
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Old 2008-05-31, 14:31   Link #2
AS Oji-kun
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Your router probably doesn't have enough memory to handle BT gracefully. Eventually your BT client has made too many connections for the router to handle, and it falls over. I have this problem from time to time with a Linksys wireless router. If resetting the router fixes the problem, then it's pretty likely my diagnosis is correct.

Some BT clients help you manage this situation by limiting the number of "connections" it makes. I don't use uTorrent, so I don't know if that setting is available to you, but limiting the Deluge BT client on a machine behind my router to 90 total connections pretty much resolved the problem for me.

Note that this setting is not the same as the limits on upstream and downstream bandwidth. This limit governs the total number of connections between you and remote seeds and peers. When my client's running, it can't connect to more than 90 other computers regardless of the total number of seeds and peers in the various clouds.
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Old 2008-05-31, 14:41   Link #3
Love Yourself
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The router is the most likely culprit, but the modem could be to blame as well. I had a pretty old ADSL modem from the early 2000's (2000-2002) and after going through five or six torrents, my entire internet connection would start to go to dial-up speeds. At the time I didn't have a router, just the modem wired to my computer. That was also before they started making modem-router hybrids. The only solution was to reboot the modem. I'd single out what the weak link is - when your speeds start to slow, reboot the router and see if that fixes it. If it does, the router is choking on the connections. If it doesn't fix it, then reboot the modem as well, and the next time you get slow speeds reboot just the modem. If that fixes it, then the router is fine and the modem is the one choking. If it doesn't fix it, then both your router and modem are choking

If that's the case, just reboot your equipment somewhat regularly. If you're lazy and have cash to spare, try buying better equipment. I got tired of my Linksys' instability with heavy connectivity and ended up buying a D-Link DGL-4300, I believe. Regular price was a bit steep but I caught it n sale for ~$70. It's a beautiful piece of equipment and hasn't needed a single reboot, regardless of what I throw at it. I switched DSL providers and got a new modem in the process, but I haven't stress-tested it.
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Old 2008-05-31, 20:02   Link #4
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a few years back I had the misfortune of using AOL broadband. I found that often the downloads would just hang up and I'd need to reboot. I'd call their help line, they'd suggest some fixes; it would get better for a while, then it would happen again.

I switched to a local ISP. Using the same AOL equipment, I logged in and got a rock-steady connection.

I concluded that either they were throttling me [and this was before this whole BT throttling fiasco erupted in the media, but I still suspected they might be interfering with p2p file transfer] or else that their equipment and ISP was flakely.

So you may need a new ISP?
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