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Old 2008-06-30, 13:15   Link #301
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Originally Posted by KholdStare View Post
Are you dissing my SaiKano? I don't see how anything is forced except for the ending, which in my opinion isn't really good. The best part of the ending is how it is used to start the series.
Im not talking about series as a whole here. I think Saikano was interesting, especially in the way it conveyed very real Japanese post war trauma (though I had to read a couple of real Japanese WWII diaries to truly appreciate that). But we were discussing the most depressing series here, and while I know a lot of people mention Saikano whenever sad & depressing category is discussed, I wasnt affected as much, mainly because at times I had the feeling the series is trying too hard to get those particular emotions from me.

The ending (well, mainly the event in the latter half of final episode) seemed waaay over the top. IMO, the same holds true for some of the drama in between, especially some things Shuji said or did (cant give you exact when and where , its been years since I watched Saikano). I found some of this forced and, above all, unnecessary, as through the series the situation itself was usually more than enough for getting emotional response from the viewer. For me this was too transparent, and lessened the overall impact.

Of course, all this is purely personal opinion, but then, personal opinions were what the OP wanted.

BTW, Im slow. I just realised this thread is over four years old. Surprised me, somehow.
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Old 2008-07-26, 16:48   Link #302
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Originally Posted by MajideTime View Post
Saikano, which speaks for itself, really, and that one episode of Cowboy Bebop, with the guy who wanted Spike to teach him how to fight, that really got me. In fact, Cowboy Bebop does that a lot, especially the last episode.
Yes, Cowboy Bebop should be in here. That's part of the reason it's my favorite show of all time, it manages to have very tragic moments and hysterically funny moments while not blending it awkwardly.
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Old 2008-07-27, 06:59   Link #303
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There's been a couple of shows that have been sad that made me think.

One being: Now and then, here and There
A story of a world turn apart by war and atrocities by a king that was completely mad. There were a couple parts where I felt on the verge of tears. A very depressing show.

Thanks vandakiara for the sig!
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Old 2008-07-27, 23:55   Link #304
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Well for me I say FMA
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Old 2008-07-29, 13:41   Link #305
anime ronin
death by animeoverdos X_X
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ide have to say air tv

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Old 2008-07-29, 14:05   Link #306
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I have to say that in retrospect, SaiKano was really over-the-top and unbelievably forced. I thought it was moderately sad when I first watched it, but looking back I'm not even shaken up over it in the least. I don't like series that try to squeeze as much emotion out of the viewers, rather than letting them decide for themselves how to react to particular scenes. It seemed like this anime was intent on trying to make me cry every two minutes.

That said, it's not a bad series. It has an interesting story and good characters. But SaiKano tries too hard at every corner to be something it is already known for. It just doesn't bring any tears to my eyes. I don't find it sad, not by a long shot.
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Old 2008-07-29, 22:41   Link #307
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Saikano wasn't so much forced as incorrectly handled.
There was war, there was loss, there was death, etc. But given 13 episodes, there really wasn't enough of a focus; the idea was there, but emotional involvement wasn't. Characters who had received too little focus were being killed off and involved in tragedy, and I really only cared for two or three of them.
The similar Iriya no Sora, UFO Natsu (while also not a perfect anime) was able to involve the viewer by focusing more on a select few characters and specifically them, as opposed to a large cast it couldn't handle.
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Old 2008-07-30, 00:28   Link #308
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I would have to agree with FMA, It almost seem like constantly something was happening to only emotionally scar Edward and Al.
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Old 2008-07-30, 18:29   Link #309
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school days
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Old 2008-07-31, 07:46   Link #310
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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora.

Spoiler for why..(Spoiler warning):
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Old 2008-07-31, 08:13   Link #311
mr. nice guy
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maybe pokemon movie(s),like latios-latias,etc
and chobits too,it is quite weird to watch an anime that makes you laugh in the beginning and then makes you to cry later
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Old 2008-07-31, 08:19   Link #312
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School days (ps sux to be him got wats coming to him to a degree) and Graveyard of Fireflies
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Old 2008-08-02, 01:08   Link #313
Banjou Haran
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There's a lot of good choices already of course. And, I have to agree with the posters who mentioned:

Grave of Fireflies

That's a very depressing and sad film. It feels like historical fiction. The more realistic the anime. The more realistic the sadness for me. I also have to add Berusaiyu no Bara (Rose of Versailles) both the anime and manga series. Another historical fiction series with quite a lot of melancholy and tragedy.

But, since I am a fan of Tomino. And of course these next shows are all either Super Robot or Real Robot shows. But, I would have to say quite a few of his series feature lots of tragedy and sadness. Like Zambot 3, Daitarn 3's ending, parts of V-Gundam, Zeta Gundam and Space Runaway Ideon along with it's movies: The Ideon: A Contact and
The Ideon: Be Invoked.
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Old 2008-08-02, 02:42   Link #314
space cowboy
cowboy of space
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Saikano being the saddest Manga i've read for sure, without a doubt.

Obvious choices for anime are Air, grave of the fireflies and scrapped princess.

With scrapped princess it has to be where
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Old 2008-08-02, 10:01   Link #315
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Too much...
For the anime I will say Kenshin, Romeo x Juliet ( only the 8 first episode and the end was worth watching thought), and an epic anime Legend of the Galactic Heroes ( THE BEST ).
For the manga Princess, Immortal Rain and Berserk ( the saddest but pure awesoness, Not recommended for the tender-hearted)
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Old 2008-08-02, 23:49   Link #316
anime ronin
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Originally Posted by khouram View Post
school days
agreed... ending had one of the biggest impacts on me out of any anime ive seen

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Old 2008-08-08, 02:30   Link #317
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In the end of Basilisk, the two lovers Genosuke and Oboro are forced to face each other to battle to the death. Oboro kills herself. Then Genosuke ends up killing himself. As their corpses float along the river, their bodies still embrace each other.
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Old 2008-08-08, 02:37   Link #318
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Clannad, somehow that anime had me crying buckets of tears!

Thanks mangalowres for the avatar ^^
Thanks vandakiara
for the sig. ^^
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Old 2008-08-09, 08:06   Link #319
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Fullmetal Alchemist was another for me. That had many upsetting and dark-themed scenes that made one feel sad. When I watched it the second-time through episode 25 almost got me.

Spoiler for Fullmetal Alchemist. Episode 25.:
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Old 2008-08-12, 05:56   Link #320
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Windaria (dubbed) - yea i was only like 12 or something and that is before the internet was so popular

Elfen Lied

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
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