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Old 2003-11-07, 22:12   Link #21
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if others also find themselves seeding some of the neglected/reseeding requested material before they've given back 100% to, say, the latest Naruto episode.
Well, as I posted above, I've got a neat little system that automagically checks for torrents with 0 seeds, and seeds them.

What it actually is, is a queuing system for torrent downloads. You set a number of slots for concurrent downloads, and the system downloads each item in the queue in turn. You can set it up so that it automatically closes a torrent (and proceeds to the next one) either when a torrent is finished downloading, or when its finished and your upload >= download.

If you have an empty queue, and some empty download slots, you can also turn on the AutoSeeder, and it will check through all the .torrent files it knows about, find the ones with the least seeds and the most incomplete downloads, and seed enough of them to fill your download slots. Of course, if something is later queued, it closes the auto-seeded file and starts downloading the new one.

Works a charm for the most part, although there are still a few bugs in it.
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Old 2003-11-21, 19:46   Link #22
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To: lordlucless

Just in case you didn't notice the message in your inbox, and since I think this would benefit many BT users by knowing about it;

It's great to hear that you're contributing a lot for the BT community. But what really interrest me is the program you use to make it happen. As you said in ure post, u run a program that automatically closes a torrent when you've finished downloading it and so on.

I have classes from morning till evening so I don't have the time-luxury to check my BT downloads every now and then during the day. The program you use would really be helpful to me. Can you tell which program you're using?
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