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[IP] Prince of Tennis: Another Story OVA - "Turbulence"

The Prince of Tennis: Another Story ~Messages from Past and Future~ OVA "Turbulence: The Young Atobe"

from Impetuosity Productions


H264 -

Dear Moderators,

I have not included an episode number in the thread title because the DVD released in Japan has not assigned any numbers to the episodes in this series; rather, it has included three completely unrelated storylines in its four episodes and separated them by title only. I'm not sure how you will want to enter this into your database. The two discs in the "Another Story ~Messages from Past and Future~" OVA will have the following four episodes:

Disc 01 (Released):
"The Prince of Naniwa - Beginning" (Story A, Episode 1)
"Turbulence: The Young Atobe" (Story B)

Disc 02 (coming 9/25)
"The Prince of Naniwa - End" (Story A, Episode 2)
[title unknown] (Story C)

The episode released above is the second one on the disc, so by that technicality it might be called "Episode 02", but since there's no official number and I don't know how you would organize this kind of OVA, I didn't want to assign it a number here in error and cause any confusion.

Thank you very much,

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