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Old 2009-06-07, 10:55   Link #221
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Originally Posted by satomianzaki View Post
though she looks like a boy, i think it is really her...check out the shoes...

Spoiler for nina antalk - diva:

i based her identity from the shoes...could be...right? haha...
I recognize her by the ahoge.

... I can't resist liking this Nina.
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Old 2009-06-12, 07:14   Link #222
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Yeah, really good pic of a young Nina
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Old 2009-06-16, 23:28   Link #223
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I'd like see some good res image of Zuellni crest for the city/academy
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Old 2009-06-20, 08:34   Link #224
Keep Smiling :)
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I like this pic:
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Old 2009-08-06, 03:27   Link #225
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Hello, minna-san!
Plz, help!
I'm looking for Academy City Zuellni emblem (we can see it on the school uniform of Fon-fon & Ko for example). but i can't finde it anywhere! Т_Т
Maybe, you are have some pict of it?...
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Old 2009-08-17, 19:11   Link #226
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Originally Posted by nina-antalk View Post
I like this pic:
cool pictures
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Old 2010-01-20, 06:26   Link #227
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THX very mush
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Old 2010-03-19, 20:17   Link #228
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Originally Posted by mikoo View Post
Spoiler for nsfw:
Does anyone have this in a higher resolution?
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