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Originally Posted by sOnJoOL
ranma 1/2
chrno crusade.
I have a translated ROM of the Ranma RPG for the SNES. It's fun, if you like the show, but otherwise it's a slow-paced and very uncomplicated game.
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Konjiki no Gash Bell!! RPG!! This could work considering the mechanics of the series, since the demons kind of level up when they learn new spells. The author even names chapters by levels. Like Chapter 1 is Level 1, Chapter 60 is Level 60, etc.

Originally Posted by fenrihr
another that would be good... prollly
Groove Adventure Rave.
There's already an RPG or 2 of Rave on PS1 I remember playing one, it was like an Action RPG.
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Chibi. Fanfictions are types of litterature. they are allowed to post them for download.

You can make a game from already made Anime esspecially not with RPG maker.
Its illegal...
If in the end we are going to die, what is the point of pursuing life?
If Life is a road with multiple paths, but in the end all paths lead to the same door, what is the point of travelling that path anyway?

Maybe the meaning of Life is to prevent others from walking that path, but still help them to reach the door.
If that is so, then good is bad and bad is bad........

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