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View Poll Results: Suzumiya Haruhi Episode 12 Rating
Perfect 10 235 66.01%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 79 22.19%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 27 7.58%
7 out of 10 : Good 7 1.97%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 0.28%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 0.28%
4 out of 10 : Poor 1 0.28%
3 out of 10 : Bad 0 0%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 5 1.40%
Voters: 356. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-05-07, 12:20   Link #501
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Best episode of the series, definitely a 10, this is the episode where I went from a mere fan to a Haruhiist. My jaw was on the floor for her whole performance. She looks better then Mikuru in a bunny suit
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Old 2009-05-19, 22:04   Link #502
Code Geass
Princess of Geass
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Britannia
Age: 24
This episode deserved a perfect ten because Suzumiya's performance was amazing! She did a great job, and Yuki was playing a guitar!! I have both songs on my phone, and I'm still not sick of them.
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Old 2009-09-24, 11:57   Link #503
Ice Block
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Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Philippines
The concert still remains the best animated scene I have ever seen. Amazing background and character detail (even the cheering crowd), perfect audio-visual sync. Too bad the new episodes never lived up to this level of quality. But to be fair, when you set the bar this high... I can only wonder when the opportunity for KyoAni to set it higher will come, if ever.
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Old 2009-09-24, 12:14   Link #504
The Comet IS Coming
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Location: Republic of California
Age: 39
They just need a scene that is worth animating to this level. Future third year K-On student's final concert might make that level.

New major fight scenes in FMP might make that level.

I'm attempting to imagine a future Haruhi scene that might top this...and there are probably one or two that could be visually stunning...but are any this length or have need of this level of animation?

It is basically, does the scene require it to be massively animated? Does it have a big background. Does it need massive detail down to the fingers and beads of sweat? There just simply aren't scenes that usually require that much detail. In fact God Knows didn't need that much detail really. That is go it means that other scenes could get it, if the reward for the animation offsets the cost of making it. That the scene helped shift KyoAni to "God Tier" animation studio and greatly assisted in the sales of CDs and later DVDs (plus Aya's singing career) maens they got their money's worth out of that scene.

For someone else to attempt to pull this off, their will need to be the potential for just as much of a gain for the risk. Oddly Studio DEEN could get such a moment in Umineko....if anyone had any faith in Studio DEEN that is.
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Old 2009-09-24, 13:33   Link #505
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Join Date: Jun 2006
I agree, the concert scene is one of the best.

I was really put off and disappointed with K-On's concert animation in the last episode. Such a shame.
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Old 2009-09-24, 13:56   Link #506
Wannabe Sleuth
Join Date: Apr 2009
Age: 27
I forgot to watch the live airing today. ;_;
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