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Old 2009-10-20, 22:37   Link #281
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Originally Posted by kurobara View Post
You can choose one member to write to, but if you write a message to various members, there's nothing bad on it. Even so it would be good if you gave me a "main" member to whom the message is written.

I won't give you a limit of words or lines, that's quite inprecise, but just try not to write a very long one, because a lot of people is participing.

~giddy fangirl laugh~

This is going to be so much fun!!!
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Old 2009-10-27, 17:19   Link #282
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dunno if anyone knows this but...

5th Anniversary Movie - Across The Horizonトレーラー映像/Sound Horizon

Originally Posted by
SakuraIgarashi @ youtube
This isn't a new SH story actually. It's a 'Movie' they'll be showing mainly made up of content from the new concert DVD coming out in December. It's a mash up of a a lot of old songs.
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Old 2009-11-15, 01:45   Link #283
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Originally Posted by Defade View Post
If you still haven't found it yet:

Ah, I still recall as clearly as yesterday-
'twas a morning in winter
Your call took me warmly by my hands-
And I heard the angel's trumpet...

Even though mine was too normal a life...I still remember it.
And it was my Pride to have given birth to you...

Ah, I still recall as clearly as yesterday-
A cold morning in winter
Your first cry resounded loudly through the skies─
And an orange light filtered in...

Even though mine wasn't too fortunate a life...I still remember it.
And it was of my Utmost Happiness to have met you... matter what trials may come upon confront them with unwavering courage...
This is your foolish mother's last wish...please-

(I'm sorry...)
Morning of birth Night of death
This Present Time in which you're living
A message of 11 words
(I'm sorry...)
Fantasy Roman - The fifth horizon
(Thank you...)
Ah....can ROMAN be found there?

Not matter who gave birth to you...
Your essence won't change...not one bit...
As long as you don't forget
The fact that your birth was no accident…we'll meet someday── much as I regret...not being by your side to watch over your footsteps...please go forth without a doubt.
This is your foolish mother's only wish...please-

You are the living proof of my ROMAN(the proof that I lived)
If you would love this world─-that alone is my happiness
──That alone is my ROMAN(The meaning of my story)

Can ROMAN be found there?

The meaning of birth. The meaning of Death.
This Present Time you're living in.
A message of 11 words.
Fantasy ROMAN - the fifth horizon.
The two windmills shall ever continue to turn
Until beloved ones are reunited
The dolls wandering on the field of life and death
What songs have they brought to life in this fading night?
And...the silver light that reigns over the horizon.
Now..another morning is dawning.
Ah...can ROMAN be found there?

(If you didn't know before, the message is "Please become happy.", made up by 11 hiragana)

And apparently the ROMAN CD came with a handkerchief of some sort that had a few coded messages as well. Since they're related to the song, they're as following:

1. Your journey is about to begin
2. Of course, there'll be times of joy and times of sadness
3. Please become happy
4. This handkerchief will be at your side, replacing me
5. Come...wipe your tears...
Thanks 4 the translation, I've been looking for it too!
I was wondering if you could post the romaji lyrics of the song...I REALLY like this song it's so sad....
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Old 2009-11-24, 23:23   Link #284
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Originally Posted by Defade View Post
I've made a compilation of all Moira lyrics here, if anyone is interested:

And to liven this place up a bit, did anyone read reports concerning the third territory expansion concerts? It sounded amazing. I can't wait for the DVD.
Oh dear! I was looking everywhere for a complete lyrics and translation, but this file has expired.. T__T Do you think you could repost it please?
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Old 2009-12-05, 06:27   Link #285
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I just post to announce that the Sound Horizon International Forum is finally open. If you want, you can go, visit and register. this is the url:

Gloria Sound Horizon!
Sound Horizon International Fansite
"White Crow"
We're still in beta-version. Help us improving with your tips in the message board!
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Old 2010-04-06, 04:11   Link #286
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Originally Posted by Bayu View Post
I'm about to die with this fjdslk HAROSHO in the Matryoshka song, the russian writting is reading as HOROSHO, but Jimang keep saing HAROSHO.
Jimang says is a «харащё» (haraschyo), but russian (all) writting as «хорошо» (horosho) and says as «харашо» (harasho). I guarantee it.
Sorry my bad english. I'm from Russia.
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Old 2010-06-16, 20:51   Link #287
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Hi, just wanted to tell everyone that the new PV for the 1st Prologue Maxi CD "Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido is here

Hope you guys like it.
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Old 2012-01-03, 03:32   Link #288
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Originally Posted by george1234 View Post
the a is as the a in the "bar". The only mistakes Ike does is that he doesnt pronounce Θ correctly , all the rest of the word is correctly said
Running a bit late on this but... actually, he pronounced it perfectly

It's Ancient Greek - double letters (th, ch, ph, xh) are aspirated (tuh-huh, kuh-huh, puh-huh, chhuh-huh). So if you slow it right down, it should be tuh-ha-na-toss. Listen to Ike carefully and you'll hear t'hanatos. His Japanese may not always be spot on, but his Greek's pretty close!
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Old 2013-04-21, 06:30   Link #289
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It is sad that this thread dead
while Revo's latest song become the most epic anime opening song this season
Wedang Jahe Kalengan, teman anda melewati malam yang dingin dan sepi!

0% alcohol, 80% ginger syrup, 10% love, 10% GALAU!!
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Old 2013-04-21, 06:40   Link #290
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yeah... but I found the Shakthi version amusing and funny haha
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Old 2013-04-23, 13:42   Link #291
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I lost interest in Sound Horizon when Revo dropped Kaori Oda and Yuki Yoshida
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Old 2013-05-02, 08:09   Link #292
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Originally Posted by gecd View Post
It is sad that this thread dead
while Revo's latest song become the most epic anime opening song this season
That OP admittedly pales in comparison to his other stuff...
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