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lwl12 - I have to say that I have never enjoyed my experiences on Amtrak - even those relatively short trips to Washington, Philadelphia, and Boston out of New York. It was actually faster for me to take a Greyhound express bus to go from Boston to NYC, which I thought was ridiculous.

The seats in the emergency aisles, if I'm not mistaken, are typically assigned at the last minute; I always ask for them, but have only gotten one once by giving up my assigned seat to allow a group going to Hawaii to sit together. Flying either business or first class, though, was great; I'm not a fan of American Airline's business class seating, though.

Drink plenty of water and juice (Soda? Eh... A little too easy to get dehydrated, no?), bring some music or a good book, and you're good, I feel. Economy class seats don't usually come with power outlets, which for long flights, isn't good.
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