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Old 2004-08-30, 00:33   Link #1
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Galaxy Angel III 27-52

There is a crisis.
There are more than 30 people who are at 99.9% download of Galaxy Angel III 27-52 from AnimeHaven.

I feel I can represent all downloaders of that file when i say that we only need a few minutes of someone's time. Whoever has the full file, please seed until one of these 99.9 percenters gets to 100%, and that would be all. All 300 of us downloaders would be very grateful.
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Old 2004-08-30, 00:42   Link #2
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Did you fail to see the same topic already posted? -__-;;

Since only 27-28 is not working, just download that episode again. Go to #AnimeHeaven @ ETG and type /ctcp Enforcer !Send Me GA S3 27-28; that should do the job.
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