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Old 2003-11-30, 05:06   Link #1
Join Date: Nov 2003
picture of a character from my animation

2nd time using opencanvas o_o
it's alright, want to get better at both lines and coloring

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Old 2003-11-30, 05:30   Link #2
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nice work (Y) ,did you worked long on it
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Old 2003-11-30, 05:48   Link #3
Join Date: Nov 2003
it didnt take me that long
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Old 2003-11-30, 07:11   Link #4
Don't use animesuki now..
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Loooks pretty kool ^ _ ^
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Old 2003-11-30, 11:50   Link #5
…Nothing More
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Your wrists / lower arms need a little work -- but other than that it is good Can you tell us more about the animation you say the character comes from? Something you are making yourself? Will we be able to see it ?
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Old 2003-12-01, 12:53   Link #6
Love Witch
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That's really nice I really like your style. It looks very simple and is nice and clean.
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Old 2003-12-04, 02:33   Link #7
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Hope you dont mind me giving you tips.

Someone mentioned how you need to work on hands/wrist. Yes.

Also, this is very subtle, but it bothers me. The way she's sitting is weird. Well, not the way shes sitting, its more of how shes doing it. Her legs are angled oddly. Her right leg, (our left) is angled straight, with the shin sligtly angled to her right, and her left leg is way off to the side. Try to sit like that. It isn't very comphy. And definatly not natural. Sorry to be picky, but it's the little things that grab peoples attention. Make her right leg angled outwords, intsead of just straight. (remember, our left, her right.)

Don't get the wrong impression, I love it. It's just I'm giving you some tips to make it even better. Keep up the good work!
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