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Old 2010-08-21, 00:25   Link #1
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looking for a couple of themes

i like the romance shoujou setting with anime like kaichi wa maid sama, kimikiss, etc..but i'm looking for a romance that maybe gets established very early or by the middle of the series..watching a whole series and then one episodes worth of couple action is not satisfying enough anymore..

also looking for a mature/seinen school / romance or whatever as long as their is romance drama action etc.. plot twists..but for the older audience.. particularly people over 18... doesn't have to be school can be school... don't want it to be too kiddy..

also i'm particularly fond of anime that have recent animations since they are more visual pleasing but if the plot in something older is great please go ahead and recommend it..

link to my myanimelist :
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Old 2010-08-21, 00:41   Link #2
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ParadiseKiss - This seems to be just what you're looking for...Realistic and adult for it's genre (in terms of the two main characters relationship)...

His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) - It has it's goofy-fun moments but the relationship between the two main characters becomes real and complicated rather quickly...Older animation similar to Neon Genesis Evangalien, but I still love the way they creatively and artistically switch things up animation wise...

If you want something a little darker, try Saikano...It's pretty harsh (I mean amongst the romance alot of dramatic pathetic deaths), but it has a final twist that might make you question you're whole existence...If you can get past episode 9 give yourself a snowcone...It's that raw...
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Old 2010-08-21, 00:43   Link #3
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Kare Kano is a solid shoujo romance series with a well developed cast. The main couple is firmly established by the end of episode 4 out of a 26 episode series. However, due to some creative differences between the mangaka and the animators, the last few episode are a bit subpar and the show has no ending, but IMO the rest of the show is good enough to make up for this.

The manga is completed too so if you want the full story, you can read the manga as well.
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Old 2010-08-22, 05:12   Link #4
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thanks for the suggestions .. gonna check them out.. Please give more if you can think of any..
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Old 2010-08-22, 14:57   Link #5
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White Album has two seasons and includes romance/drama. Most of the characters are 18+. Most episodes were very well done.

Full Moon wo Sagashite is a shoujo romance revolving around music. It's one of the very very few shoujo series I like. It doesn't have a completely established relationship in the beginning but there is a satisfying resolution in the end.
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Old 2010-08-22, 18:52   Link #6
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School Days - Nice and romantic...then it progressively gets darker and more emotionally twisted.

Agree with the above poster on White Album - not for the kiddies in terms of emotional depth. Very good show, with excellent music!

If you like your romances bite-sized, try the current Amagami SS - four-episode arcs, centering on one guy and a group of six girls in a 'what-if' for each girl.

MadPanda...(and then there's Aki Sora...if you're into that sorta thing)...
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Old 2010-08-22, 20:52   Link #7
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He wants serious romance and no one mentioned NANA yet? NANA is a must if you're after serious, long-term romance.

Seconding Kare Kano but the manga is better. Moreso for Saikano.

And if you're willing to go old school, Maison Ikkoku.
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Old 2010-08-23, 19:13   Link #8
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Kare Kano

Wild Act


Bokura ga Ita

High School Debut

Kare First Love

Paradise Kiss

Fushigi Yuugi

The Devil Does Exist

Happy Hustle High

Ayashi no Ceres

Missile Happy!

Sailor Moon

Peach Girl

Sand Chronicles

Akuma De Sourou


Absolute Boyfriend

Fushigi Yugi

Ultra Cute

Marmalade Boy

Black Bird

Ceres Celestial Legend

These series all have the couples dating and in relationships during the series. The couples get together at the beginning of the series and are boyfriend and girlfriend and in serious relationships with kissing, sex, dating, etc. Most of these are manga.

Read shojo manga for great romance with dating couples.

Mars is an amazing mature romance series, the couple gets together in the ebginning and are dating and in a mature, series, committed, deep relationship.

The Devil Does Exist is another excellent mature romance manga.

High School Debut and Wild Act are great romances with couples in relationships.

Kare First Love has the couple dating the entire series, too.

Wild Act has the main couple in a mature sexual relationships.

Ceres Celestial Legend manga has a couple dating and in a sexual relationship and there is a pregnancy.

Happy Hustle High Sweet romacne manga, couple is dating and in sweet relationship.

Fushigi Yugi Couple is engaged and in deep relationship, especially in manga.

I also only like series where the couple gets together in the beginning and the majority of the show is the couple dating and in a relationship together with kissing, sex, dating, break ups, real mature relationships.
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