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Old 2010-11-06, 19:05   Link #1
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Help with downloading a file (not a torrent) it's a patch

If this is in the wrong area of the boards (because I know this is primarily a torrent area), please forgive me and move it to the appropriate location.

I was trying to obtain an English patch for a DS game I have, because my skills with kanji are suspect at best. I had found one source on the site, but from what I have seen and heard, that thing is really sketchy!

Does anyone know a safe locations where I can obtain any such patches (preferably for free) but most importantly safely?!?!?!

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Old 2010-11-11, 17:22   Link #2
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This is the wrong section, but we don't actually have a "correct" one. "Help" in the context of this forum doesn't mean "help finding" but help with technical problems associated with downloads. As you surmised, torrent problems. Fan-translated game discussion is tolerated in the Game forum, but generally we won't provide download help. Mostly because "acceptable" patches are provided directly by the groups who create them. I would suggest you look for a group; find a group, find a patch.

I'm going to close the thread; if anyone wants to reply to you they'll have to do it directly via PM. Here is why:
Originally Posted by Rajura View Post
Does anyone know a safe locations where I can obtain any such patches (preferably for free) but most importantly safely?
If the author of the game doesn't provide one, chances are what you are asking for is technically illegal? Our rules request people don't ask for or provide links to such sites. Aside from the piracy issue, the rule is there to avoid disseminating objectionable links. Partly for the reason you've run into:
Originally Posted by Rajura View Post
I had found one source...
All such sites are technically in breach of our rules and highly likely to be scams. I've not simply deleted your thread because I wanted to point out that anyone foolish enough to download from there deserves everything they get. My guess would be stolen credit card information for the "privilege" of downloading viruses.
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