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Old 2004-10-19, 03:55   Link #1
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bittornado stays on the yellow circle!

bittornado has been working fine until recently. the torrents remain on the yellow status light. this happens with all torrents, not just a single one. bittorrent is properly routed through my firewall though, i've rechecked many times. ironically, it happend after i switched my computer into a new case with a stronger powersupply (irrelevant, i know), nothing else changed though. any ideas?
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Old 2004-10-20, 12:05   Link #2
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Here are some suggestions.. dunno which ones u tried already

1. make sure Windows Firewall is turned off (unless ur using Service pack2, u can unblock BT)
2. Bt client is set on the proper ports 6xxx-6999 (xxx numbers have to be at most 881 such as 6785-6999)
3. Make sure that the ports are forwarded on YOUR computer's ip. If something has changed it is possibly your computer's IP on the router. For example, your you might have forwared the ports on but now it has changed to Which means the ports are forwarded on the wrong computer.
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Old 2004-10-20, 23:39   Link #3
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oo My Bittornado's port range is 10000 to 60000. is it i should change? (i oso got yellow light :P) and and and... how to cek whether the ports is forwarded to my computer IP..? i havent done any setting at all.. cos i duno how.. >_< (i m so dumb...)
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