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Old 2010-06-21, 00:26   Link #1061
Loving Romeo X Juliet
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Dam ... this anime is such a turn on... especially in ep 9 when it becomes obvious that the school president is in love with that kid... it took me by surprise because I thought that she had kissed him before following her vampire urges but ... wow.... I am rooting for that kid, he got himself one hawt chick

So far I am at ep 11 and I gotta say that "purity inquiry" really took this thing to the next level.... dam, this is so exciting and f*ckd up all at the same time.

I mean having that purity test done in private would have been OK but in front of those 3 bastards? Talk about a spirit-crusher, I am not female but I can clearly see how humiliating that would be...


OK now I reached the final ep, needless to say I am so looking forward to the next season. The only thing that sucks is that no matter how sweet their love (Mina and Akira) may be, they can't bear children cause they are two different creatures and so I do see how in S2 Mina will continue to be pursued by those 3 creeps to bear a child with one of them and ensure the survival of the race .. agrrr, I don't see any other way but to have her take one for the team ... tragic, very tragic situation

The other thing that wasn't very clear was.. OK so she defeated those 3 bastards in that bet, does that mean she won't continue to be humiliated with those "Purity Tests?" ... I hope not!

All in all I give this series a solid 9 because it had almost all! Love square, politics, vampires, 13yo hooking up with a big boobed 17yo chick, action, loli vampire queen who transforms into a hawt sexy vampire chick... yeap, I really enjoyed this one!

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Old 2010-08-01, 06:10   Link #1062
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Playing catchup to my backlog of stuff...this is a series that caught my interest only because Mina looked like Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue which is a fighting game I was quite heavy into at the time of this anime's announcement and Rachel was my favorite from that game.

Anyways, yeah looks like it was a series worth watching. I was weary of the whole 12 episode deal knowing it was based off a manga so I was expecting a poor ending but I was not disappointed. The way it ended I wish more 12-13-ish anime series ended like that. It can go either way with another season or just that just be the end of it which would be fine in itself so you're left with some closure at least.


Nice series even if not the best, it filled my vampire void for a while. Maybe I'll check out the manga to see what I miss/what was changed.

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Old 2010-12-25, 09:41   Link #1063
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finally get to finished the series in Blu-ray and uncensored

the show is unexpectedly entertaining and until the end the words "this is a story about..." are true

Akira turned out to be a better char than i thought, and there are a lot of interesting girls: the loli queen, the student president, the maids, Vera, Meiren etc

Spoiler for the hints for subsequent season:
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Old 2010-12-25, 21:15   Link #1064
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>,< I'm still looking for these anime on dvd at the market.....
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Old 2011-01-29, 15:58   Link #1065
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This is an anime that had the potential to be an all time classic if it had used its own premise wisely. I’m serious; the core idea behind the story is what the stuff of legends is made of. Here, let me describe it to you.

Imagine if you are the ruler of all vampires, centuries old, who suddenly gets fed up being hidden from the world and decides to reveal the existence of its kin and ask for acceptance. Imagine that you have the resources to buy the politicians, gain public support, and an entire army of powerful undead warriors at your side in case somebody doesn’t agree with you. Imagine you, appearing on the first episode on television and announcing all that, ready to take the heat as usurpers and traitors make their move. Isn’t that a great premise or what?

Too muscular and political for you? Let’s try the feminine romantic approach. Imagine you are a little girl who was turned centuries ago into a vampire, cursed to spend eternity as a child. Imagine being pampered all the time yet never feeling truly happy without someone to love you as a person and not as a rich spoiled brat. And imagine you can’t fully return your affection back without turning the whole deal into child rape (which will be troublesome because of the body anatomy even if you are pro to that idea). Furthermore, any potential lovers you meet will slowly grow old and die while you still remain permanently young and once again alone.

Both scenarios would make great stories on their own, so imagine both of them being combined in the same anime. That is, you are the leader of all vampires, a little girl, centuries old, who wants to reveal its existence to mankind, ask acceptance, and seek love and happiness without being able to return it back properly or hold on to it for long. It would be a masterpiece beyond all expectations.

But no, the scriptwriters didn’t stop there; they had to add a third aspect to the show. Instead of going for something special and rather unique for its time, they decided to throw in a run of the mill ecchi school comedy and ruin the uniqueness of the story. Why risk when mediocrities sell? Just screw it all with nude lolis, jiggly breasts, harem situations, and hell, if you are going to blow it all up you might as well throw in shonen superpower crap. Why be controversial when the same old shit sells?

It’s not as if typical elements can’t work in creating a good show. Neon Genesis for example starts as a run of the mill super robots show and it is full of female character archetypes. The thing is, Neon Genesis builds around that and later escapes the formula, becoming something entire different and special. Vampire Bund on the other hand does the opposite; begins special and interesting and then returns to mediocrity and boredom.

And so, the great story I described above became nothing but sleazy pedo-bait, typical highschool comedy, superficial politics, and average superpower action. If all these were not present, the rest would be more than enough to create something great; but no, they dragged it down to mediocrity because they though people like average works and not unique anime.

Well, they were apparently wrong because all the hype the show had was based on the premise of the story, which sounded great. As soon as they saw how lame it turned out to be, most gave up and forgot it right away. A second bait was of course the oversexualized main loli, as many expected to see child-sex or something. Again, none of that happens (not even off-screen, not even implied) so once again people gave up on it. Because that is what the hook of the series was all about; a great story around politics and vampires or sleazy child porn. Yet all they got is stuff they can easily find better elsewhere. Of course and the series would fail!

So starting with the story, I say the main idea is the only interesting thing in it. All the rest are just high school silliness, superficial politics, and run-of-the-mill superpower battles. There are also many occult overtones present as well that are quite atmospheric; yet they are heavily undermined because of the other silly elements and practically go to waste. Adding to that is the story which is left incomplete and a second season (which most likely will never be made) was needed to finish something that is already ruined in the eyes of most. Story gets a 4.

Moving to the characters, you will probably notice that all this time I was only talking about the main character, the vampire lord / ageless loli. Well what did you expect when the premise is all about her and all the focus is upon her as well? Mina Tepes is the only interesting character in the entire show for being those two different things I described above. All the rest are nothing but superficial and forgettable archetypes, typical villains and silly high schoolers, that are hardly aiding in anything or are even worthy support. There is also Akira, the co-lead, who is somewhat interesting since half the story is told through his point of view, plus he is the current romantic target of our eternal loli and her main bodyguard. Unfortunately they are both heavily damaged by the unnecessary secondary elements and lose a lot of appeal. Mina ends up being nothing but average pedo-bait; undressing or dressing all moe for the pervy viewers, while Akira is constantly having amnesia excuses to hold back his true potential and personality, plus he is usually using lame excuses to win in most battles, so he is not even an interesting warrior. And forget the whole lovers part because it is hardly there. Cast gets a 4.

The artwork is very good, with vivid colors and lots of details, plus most action scenes and people walking have lots of lively animation. There are lots of artsy touches as well, from the use of light, to zooming at blinking eyes or flashes at the background, full of goth or other weird imagery helping to bring out the mentality of the characters. The thing that ruins it is when people are just talking. They gave some basic attention to lip-synch but their bodies remain completely frozen that makes it feel very superficial. I can even place the fan service in the negatives as it is actually working at alienating the viewer from the core story or the main character drama and make him focus on naked lolis and big boobs. Otherwise, I liked what I saw. Art gets an 8.

Sound is rather overlooked. It has no special music pieces or overall exceptional voice acting. It really goes unnoticed because of the undermined setting. Music gets a 7.

Down to it, there is very little value or enjoyment in this series. The disappointing turn around from something great to something average and the incomplete story can’t help you get interested in rewatching the whole thing. Plus, you can get bolder child porn or school moe elsewhere; so nothing worth looking into a second time.

Overall Score: 4.5 / 10
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Old 2011-05-18, 10:50   Link #1066
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Originally Posted by klare View Post
finally get to finished the series in Blu-ray and uncensored

the show is unexpectedly entertaining and until the end the words "this is a story about..." are true

Akira turned out to be a better char than i thought, and there are a lot of interesting girls: the loli queen, the student president, the maids, Vera, Meiren etc

Spoiler for the hints for subsequent season:
Spoiler for might be related to vol 10:
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Old 2011-06-15, 19:45   Link #1067
Random Object
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Received my Dance in the Vampire Bund box set today and true to word, Funimation released it completely uncensored. Bonus points to Funimation.
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Old 2011-08-31, 04:53   Link #1068
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I already have my copy pre-ordered of this series when it comes out on DVD over here very soon
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Old 2012-01-02, 16:22   Link #1069
The Snow White Undine....
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If anyone is curious the Intermission material for the BDs was all strung together into a single file and made available. The effect is like a picture drama and I could easily see it complimenting the eps very well indeed.
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Old 2012-07-14, 14:39   Link #1070
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dear me more rage stuff are a happening >_<

i dont see thing will go to good light in the coming volums...................unless someone is already ready volums 12 and 13

in which i would gladly ask

spoilers plss
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Old 2013-09-09, 13:59   Link #1071
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Bumping for news:

The series is getting a Spanish dub, apparently. Akira is Eduardo Garza (Krillin in Dragon Ball Z, Ichigo in Bleach, Gaara in Naruto), Yuki is Alondra Hidalgo (Hinata in Naruto), and Nelly is Cristina Hernandez (Lime in Saber Marionette, Chibiusa in Sailor Moon, Sakura in Card Captor Sakura).
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action, romance, seinen, shaft, supernatural, vampire, violence

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