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dont understand how to resume a dl

I read the instruction on how to resume a download after a shut down, but I just cant comprehend this. Maybe I am just super computer illiterate. Can someone explain to me how and what happens. Does the same dl status thing come back up on its own the next time I go online? or do I need to restart the dl some how? Pleaseee help me. Ive done and found the searches, but I just dont understand it. Thanks
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It's actually pretty easy. The file (e.g. AVI) is already on your HD but not completed. The torrent file contains a list of all the pieces in the file. When you launch the torrent, it checks it against the AVI and downloads only the pieces you are missing and downloads it.

Below are two resume methods.

Recommended method for non multi-torrent clients (Bittorrent Original or BitTornado)
1. Save the torrent file to the directory that you save the avi file.
2. Resume: double click on the torrent file
3. Done

Recommended method with a multi-torrent client (e.g. Azureus)
1. Open the file in Azureus
2. Resume. Open azureus.
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